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The Associate Board is a group of young professionals from all walks of life determined to join a fight against homelessness.

We meet on a scheduled basis to plan social events, raise funds and take care of our residents. The Associate Board is in charge of spreading the word about our mission, growing the board and building a support system for The Boulevard. This is a great opportunity for individuals who are passionate about the people of Chicago, interested in being exposed to a working nonprofit board of directors and determined to change the narrative around homeless

"The Associate Board unites young professionals and supporters of the mission of The Boulevard in advancing its purposes.  The Associate Board will raise money for The Boulevard, expand its constituency, and further its mission." -By-Laws
Logan Theater - August 2018

Laughs for Rent

Laughs for Rent, a comedy night held at the Logan Theater, was hosted by The Associate Board on August 16, 2018 in support of Destination: Home.  With libations, raffle prizes and lots of laughs, the party helped raise funds to help a Boulevard resident move into their own home!

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