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The Associate Board is a group of young professionals from all walks of life determined to join a fight against homelessness.

We meet on a scheduled basis to plan social events, raise funds and take care of our residents. The Associate Board is in charge of spreading the word about our mission, growing the board and building a support system for The Boulevard. This is a great opportunity for individuals who are passionate about the people of Chicago, interested in being exposed to a working nonprofit board of directors and determined to change the narrative around homeless

"The Associate Board unites young professionals and supporters of the mission of The Boulevard in advancing its purposes. The Associate Board will raise money for The Boulevard, expand its constituency, and further its mission." -By-Laws

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Martinis That Matter: Putting Fun in Fundraising

On Sunday, May 5th, The Boulevard had the pleasure of collaborating with Marty’s Martini Bar and their Martinis That Matter campaign for an afternoon of casual conversation and charitable giving. Board members Nancy Hanson, Trey Gonzales, and Sarah Vetrano were on-hand to talk to patrons about The Boulevard and the work that we do to help our residents on their path to recovering their lives.

Much of the crowd enjoyed the sunny patio as The Boulevard netted a total of $794.17 on the day. The break from the rain definitely helped attendance. Trey Gonzales noted that the bartenders commented on the particularly high turnout saying, “we host these events every week and you have one of the largest crowds we’ve seen.” For most of the three-hour event, both the patio and the bar were busy, a welcome sign at the start of the spring. Thank you to everyone that came out for this event!


More on Marty’s..

Marty’s Martini Bar is located in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago. Specializing in a variety of martinis, owner Marty Rogo has dedicated a part of every week to charitable events on Sunday afternoons. Eligible nonprofits sign up for Sunday afternoons throughout the year, when Marty’s opens a few hours early. From 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM, all of the money from drinks sold, minus the cost of ingredients, goes directly to the nonprofit featured that afternoon.

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