Who should come to The Boulevard

  • Single men and women who are homeless and being discharged from the hospital needing a short term placement (four to six weeks) in order to complete their recovery from a physical illness or injury. The Boulevard is not appropriate for clients requiring long term nursing home care.

  • Patients who can physically care for themselves (e.g. dress, bathe, self-ambulate, attend to personal hygiene and take medication as prescribed), who no longer require bedside nursing care, who can come to the dining room for meals, make their bed, and keep their living space neat. The Boulevard provides support to residents to complete their healing but is not a medical treatment facility.

  • Patients who are mentally stable and those that need assistance with substance abuse issues. The Boulevard is not a psychiatric or substance abuse treatment facility.

  • Patients who understand their care plan and can carry out the measures necessary to implement them with the help of The Boulevard staff, including compliance with medications and returning to their physicians for follow-up care.

  • Patients who are able to live in a communal environment, share a bedroom with four or five roommates, share meals in a common dining room with 64 residents, participate in educational sessions and group meetings (including AA and NA if appropriate) and follow The Boulevard conditions of residency.

For questions regarding intake, please contact:

Anais Fuentes, Intake Coordinator
773.533.6013 ext. 231