Could you imagine being discharged from the hospital with nowhere to go? Unfortunately, for thousands of people in Chicago without homes, that’s the reality. That’s why we’re here – to help give men and women on the road to medical recovery a place to restore their health and rebuild their lives.

Starting Point

Upon arrival, Boulevard residents get access to programs and medical
services which they could not obtain at a shelter.

Physical Health
Each resident works with physicians and nursing staff from PCC Wellness at our on-site clinic to develop and implement their individualized care plans.

To assist our residents on the path to self-sufficiency, we help them enroll in the appropriate benefit programs and we provide
a variety of health education and life skills classes.

Behavioral Health
For Boulevard residents who have mental health or substance abuse issues, we provide group and one-on-one sessions on-site, as well as access to more extensive care through our partnership with Mount Sinai Hospital.

Employment Assistance
Residents who have completed their medical recovery plans may participate in the Alvin Baum Employment Project to build on their work experience and access resources for greater independence.



Once our residents have completed their medical recovery, we assist them in finding safe, stable housing.

On-going Support

Leaving The Boulevard does not mean losing access to support. Our Health and Housing Outreach Team regularly supports our most vulnerable former residents, helping them to keep up with the responsibilities of independent living.