Over the past 20 years we’ve helped thousands of men and woman start a new life. Meet our former residents and hear their stories.

Some names and photos have been substituted for reasons of privacy.



The recession left Ken, a union construction worker, out of work and without a place to live. He finally secured a job at a local hardware store only to be hit by a car on his way home from work. He was able to come to The Boulevard and recuperate while putting his life back together. Here he learned how to work with computers, bought a mobile home and has plans to work in hardware sales. When asked to explain what The Boulevard has meant to him, he replied, “I can’t even explain that.”

Denise scaled.jpg


A long history of alcohol abuse and chronic illness landed Denise in the hospital. Thankfully she was discharged to The Boulevard, where she received a second chance. During her time there Denise connected with a board member who works at DePaul University and a strong friendship began. Denise was able to move out of The Boulevard and enroll at DePaul. Now she comes back often to volunteer.



Although Donald was working, the compensation was not enough to afford a home. Suffering from poorly managed diabetes and hypertension, he eventually had a stroke, which sent him to the hospital and from there to the Boulevard. During his stay, he learned how to properly manage his blood pressure and diabetes. He quit smoking and found a renewed sense of discipline. Eventually he was discharged to his own apartment. He now has two jobs and occasionally returns to The Boulevard as a volunteer.

“A lot of the ideas and inspiration I found at The Boulevard apply to daily living” says Donald. 



For her whole life Beverly felt alone – suffering from a chronic illness without the support of a community. Upon arriving at The Boulevard, she felt instantly connected to the residents around her. She was able to recover and move out to Lake Street Studios, an apartment complex where many former Boulevard residents live.  She’s now thriving in her own apartment in a strong community which she loves.