We are always looking for volunteers to help with the following:


An important part of our residents’ medical recovery is maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet. If you’d like to donate or prepare a meal for our 64 residents on-site, please contact us.

Spread the Word

Each year we hold over 1,000 educational sessions on topics like health, employment
and housing opportunities, computer and interpersonal communication skills and nutrition and budgeting. If you’d like to be
a discussion facilitator, visit the link below.

Check the open volunteer opportunities below to see what might be the right fit for you
or your organization. Email: Volunteer@blvd.org or phone 773-533-6013 x253 to schedule.    

  • Share-A-Meal: any lunch or dinner throughout the year--- especially weeknight dinners.

  • Facilitate workshops centered around living skills, healthy living, and various other topics.

  • Provide administrative assistance around the house.