Our clients typically come to the House with nothing but the clothes on their back. Through the generosity of its supporters, The Boulevard provides everything clients need to recover their health and restore their lives. For donations of clothing, furniture, toiletries, linens and other items, please contact us at, or check out our Amazon Wishlist.

One-time Donation

Please help support The Boulevard's mission of helping homeless individuals restore their health and rebuild their lives. Gifts are fully tax-deductible as allowed.

Consider Recurring Giving

We understand that it may be difficult for you to give a donation. We’ve made it easy for you to break up your support throughout the year. Please consider signing-up a monthly gift of $5, $10, or another amount in support of the mission we carry out 365 days a year.

Thank You

Here’s what your gift can do.


Pays the fees and costs associated with one client applying for public benefits.


Covers one month of operational costs for maintaining a clean environment and bedding.


Provides all clients with one month’s worth of clothing and hygiene kits.


Pays for a year’s worth of warm, usable footwear for ~150 clients.


Covers one month of medical respite care for one Boulevard client.


Sets up a home for one person moving from The Boulevard into a permanent apartment.